Energy Engineering

19/05/2014 17:26

Energy Engineering focuses on generating solutions for a great current challenge related to the production, storage, distribution and use of energy and the impacts associated to these processes. In this context, energy should be understood in a broad sense and not only as electrical energy.  We need energy in our homes, schools, hospitals, industrial processes, cargo and passenger transportation, etc.  Energy is the driving force for the development and promotion of quality of life. In order to obtain energy at the places and in the amounts necessary, we must first acknowledge the opportunities nature has to offer, thus, we must know and map out our natural resources. Furthermore, we need to know efficient methods to convert these resources into the necessary forms of energy. Finally, we need to be aware of the impacts generated by the use and exploration of this energy, as to guarantee not only economic and social sustainability, but also environmental. These are a few of the challenges faced by Energy Engineering, making it an extremely attractive degree for those who wish to find strategic solutions, and want to act innovatively in a market whose value continues to rise.

A topic of such importance requires a multidisciplinary approach based on the fundamentals that will promote the next technological revolutions. For such reasons, UFSC’s Energy Engineering program is grounded on Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Earth Sciences. Therefore, the energy engineer will have to integrate knowledge regarding technology from all these fields of expertise.

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