The Araranguá Campus’ Medicine Program is structured in modules, where cognitive, attitudinal and procedural knowledge are developed in an articulate manner. This provides students with a global, integrated and practice-oriented approach to the learning process, facilitating both the process itself and the long-term acquisition of important concepts. This structure also allows for students to work in small groups, which enhances learning and rationalizes assessments.

The program’s curriculum prioritizes community-based learning, providing students with both practical knowledge and theoretical depth on the complex issues pertaining to medical care, since the first semester.

Graduates will become “medical professionals with a generalist, humanistic, critical, reflexive and ethical education”. Based on ethical principles, they will be qualified to work in the health-disease process at its various levels of care, acting for health promotion, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation from the perspective of integral care. They will carry a sense of social responsibility and commitment and be promoters of the integral health of the human being.

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